Curry Chicken

Curry Chicken (Meat or Fish)


Chicken (Cut into big portion) ---- 1kg

Curry powder --- ±50g


Cooking Oil --- 3 tbsp

Water --- 450ml

Optional: Potato 2pcs, Lady Finger 5pcs, Cabbage ¼ pc

Add Vegetable during the last 7-10 minutes of cooking

Cooking Method:

1. Heat 3tbsp cooking oil in pan, stir fry chicken for about 2 minutes, set aside.

2. Mix 50g of Curry Powder with 100ml water, add into same pan, fry until fragrance, add in SINGLONG Sambal Chilli and continue to fry till fragrance again, add in the remaining water and bring to boil.

3. Add in chicken and mix thoroughly. Cover the pan and leave to simmer, basting the chicken once or twice with gravy until cooked.

Warm tips: *If the sauce is too thick, can add some water to it*

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